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New Moon in Aquarius

This moon is about realigning with YOUR purpose AND feeling FREE.

It’s also about trust, a deep trust in yourself and in life.

This moon will encourage you to see the bigger picture, so prepare to start looking at the longer term and envisioning the future. This may also mean you start to look at things that feel uncomfortable and need to be changed, Aquarius seeks freedom and wants to break you free of anything that may be holding you back or keeping you small.

Use the Aquarius new moon to:

Step back –
take some time out on your own. You may find yourself craving some time alone. Allow yourself an emotional reset, you will need this time to help find your inner
strength and power.

Tune in –
what is stirring inside of you? Listen to and feel your soul’s true calling. Beneath the wants and needs of the ego, what is stirring with you that wants to grow?

Align –
with your purpose. What are you here to offer to the world? Make a list of your gifts, talents, passions and desires and make a conscious effort to start integrating
more of these into your life.

Are you ready to do the inner work and start working towards your purpose? Type “I’m ready” in the comments below…

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