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New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius is here to help you to show up and play your part in the creation of a new era. 

There is a lot Aquarius energy around, as Pluto has just moved into Aquarius for the first time in 226 years (apart from a briefly between March and June 2023). We also have an Aquarius stellium (Pluto, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon all in the same zodiac sign), which means we are going to feel the Aquarius energy strongly. 

Aquarius calls for more freedom and authentic self-expression. 

The period of the Dark Moon, when the moon is in its waning phase, is going to be particularly important. During this time the Moon will meet each one of the personal planets and Pluto. 

As the moon meets Mars and Pluto (and Mercury meets Mars) you may feel a lot of anger, frustration and even experience emotional outbursts. 

These will most likely be linked to the areas in your life that you currently feel most trapped in, or unable to be your full self in. Try to sit with these emotions if they do arise and let them show you what they need you to know. 

The New Moon marks the time to emerge, as a powerful new you by; shedding old beliefs, your old life and old versions of yourself that no longer serve you. 

Set intentions at this New Moon about what you truly want for you and your life in this new era. Look at what you want to change, create, achieve and transform and who you want to become.  

Allow yourself to embody this and go after all that your soul desires. Seek out what lights you up and brings you joy, purpose and fulfilment. 

Welcome to the age of Aquarius!

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