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Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra

Libra is often thought of as the sign of balance, characterised by the scales. 

The full moon in Libra is here to help bring balance and help to ground you and prepare you for eclipse season. 

The last Aries new moon came to propel you on your path towards creating a new future. In a few weeks time there will be a SECOND Aries new moon, a solar eclipse that open even more news ways forward. 

The energy of the Libra full moon is soothing, nurturing and grounding, this is so that you are in the most stable place possible to make these big changes being asked of you to achieve the life you want. 

You may feel a big need for drastic changes. 

This is an insight into what the eclipses are going to ask of you and to make sure you’re ready is this Libra full moon, which is going to give us all a moment to pause, breathe, catch up with

ourselves and most of all find balance. 

And so first this full moon is going to illuminate where you are out of balance in your life, and what you allow to constantly knock you off your centre. 

Is it the opinions of others that always seem to have you spiralling? Not believing and trusting in yourself that has you in a tailspin? Relationships that always seem to make you a version of you that you don’t recognise or want to be? 

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