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Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces

♋️💙🌕Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces ♋️💙🌕
🪐🐟You will likely be feeling the effects of this full supermoon in Pisces, days before it occurs. Not only is it the closest supermoon this year, in the most sensitive water signs of the Zodiac, it coincides with the planet Uranus stationing retrograde, joining five other planets that are also retrograde.
😑🧎‍♀️You may be feeling the desire to retreat inwards, be left alone and look back over the past. There may also be confusion, uncertainty about what’s next and how you’re going to handle it. This moon, which is also a blue moon, being the second full moon of the month, is calling you to trust in your soul and trust in your unique journey.
✍️🌞Use the energy of the Sun in Virgo, to practice daily rituals and routines that will help you stay grounded, focused and connected to your soul’s wisdom. This moon is a call back inwards, back to yourself and back to your intuition.
🔎📝Notice where you have gotten off track lately. Where you may have let your spiritual or self-care practices go and where you have been caught up in worries, fears, drama and the noise of the outside world. There is going to be a strong sense of what it is time to let go of, so that you can reach the next step in your life.
🥇🪄This moon will also illuminate your once in a blue moon dreams. The things you push down or push away as you fear they are too brave, too bold and would never come true.
🤫🌟Get quiet, still and honest. Let go of what holds you back and allow the space for what is to come.
🤩Dare to dream and allow yourself to see the bigger picture of what is possible if you just trust.

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