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Full Moon in Gemini

👯‍♀️🌕This Gemini Full Moon is here to help you to write a new story of what is possible for you.

🔦Full Moons have a way of illuminating that thing that has been in the back of your mind and bringing it into the light.

😡😤Mars, the planet of action, drive and forward motion will also be playing an active role during this time. This may stir up some frustration and anger, pay attention to these emotions and why they are coming up.

⏰Now is the time to do things differently, rather than just say you are going to, or think about doing it.

🫵Ask yourself what do you really want, for yourself, in your future?

🏃‍🚀🏃‍♀️This will be the push you need to get out of your comfort zone, with Mars at your back pushing you forward to make the choices and changes that you know you need to make.

🦋🏃‍💥This moon wants action, the action required to do things differently, think differently, believe differently …and that starts within.

👂🦉You’re never going to be able to truly have what you want, if you don’t believe that you can get it, or deserve it. Take the time to listen to the stories you’ve been telling yourself and the beliefs you may be harbouring, that don’t support you and don’t fit the future that you’ve been dreaming of for yourself.

🧐🤫As much as you may be feeling pushed forward, to act, try to also take the time to listen to any messages or insights you may receive. Take stock of the inner guidance that you have been accumulating, so that you are truly ready for what the future holds. Open yourself to receiving insights, information and seeing things in a new way.

⏰🎉It’s time to tell yourself a new story, about your future and what you deserve and go out there and get it.

**Need more guidance? Join me tonight – 27th November, at 8pm, on my Instagram page @stellarbodystellarmind where I will be intuitively drawing Oracle cards, to help you channel the messages that this Full Moon in Gemini has for you. I look forward to seeing you there!**

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