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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Today we welcome a total lunar eclipse in Taurus.

This lunar eclipse is working in tandem with the solar eclipse that we experienced in Scorpio on the 25th October.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and is all about dealing with what is real, roots, stability and feeling at home in every sense of the word.

The Scorpio solar eclipse will have brought deep emotions to the surface and shown you what “deaths” need to occur in your life for a new chapter to begin.
The Taurus lunar eclipse will show you the reality of your life as it is, right here right now. It is from this that the moon will illuminate what it is that needs to change
in order for you to become completely happy and secure.

Key themes of the Taurus lunar eclipse are:
Cleanse –
old emotions that you no longer need, such as blame, resentment, shame. What have you been holding on to that has been keeping you stuck? Taurus doesn’t like
change, but sometimes we need to change in order to get even better security and stability.
Get rooted –
in you. Love and accept yourself fully, just as you are, for all of who you are.
Lay lasting foundations –
and let go of any that are un-firm.

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