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Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Today we welcome a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio.

Eclipses are like portals that fast-track you to the next chapter of your journey. On this fast track, we tend to undergo abrupt transformations that can be life-changing.

Back in May we had a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, so you may notice themes returning from this time, or more of the story may unfold.

Scorpio is introspective, intuitive and passionate, it isn’t a sign that frolics in the light. It expects you to dive deep, to face the shadows and the darkness and if you let it perform it’s function as is destined, the reward will be worth it.

It is a time of deep transformation, during Scorpio season you will be asked to energetically transform. Scorpio is the ruler of death and rebirth, so whatever
you are being asked to let go of or “die”, do not try to hold on to…

Key themes of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse:
Go deep within yourself. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, what “deaths” need to happen to make space for new beginnings or rebirth.
Allow deep transformation in the area of life that Scorpio has been highlighting for you.

What themes starting coming up for you in May 2022 that feel like they are now being drawn to completion?

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